Former Striker Criticizes Paul Pogba’s ‘Horrible’ Impact on Manchester United Dressing Room Dynamics

Former striker Frank McAvennie criticizes Paul Pogba's disruptive influence and highlights late training incidents at Manchester United.

In a scathing critique, former West Ham and Celtic striker Frank McAvennie has lambasted Paul Pogba’s time at Manchester United, describing the French midfielder as a “horrible” presence in the dressing room. McAvennie’s comments come in the wake of revelations by Nemanja Matic, who disclosed instances of Pogba, Jadon Sancho, and other players frequently arriving late to training, sparking discontent among teammates.

McAvennie, known for his frank opinions, didn’t hold back in his assessment of Pogba‘s attitude during his stint at Old Trafford. He pointed out that Pogba’s perceived arrogance, possibly stemming from winning the World Cup, led him to believe he was superior to his teammates. The former West Ham star highlighted Pogba’s tendency to sulk and underperform despite possessing exceptional talent.

The criticisms extend beyond Pogba, with McAvennie expressing similar concerns about Jadon Sancho’s behaviour. Sancho, who has been excluded from the squad due to a reported fallout with manager Erik ten Hag, adds another layer of complexity to United’s internal dynamics.

Matic’s revelation about habitual tardiness and McAvennie’s scathing remarks shed light on the challenges faced by United in maintaining a cohesive dressing room environment. McAvennie reminisced about his playing days, emphasizing that such disruptive attitudes would not have been tolerated in the robust dressing rooms of the past.

As Pogba faces a potential four-year ban after testing positive for testosterone, and Sancho grapples with issues with the manager, United finds itself grappling not only with on-field challenges but also with internal disruptions that can impact team morale and performance. The fallout from these revelations poses questions about the club’s ability to foster a harmonious environment as they navigate the intricacies of a demanding football season.

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