Gouramangi Singh Moirangthem is excited to see where Indian Football stands in Intercontinental Cup, which starts on June 9, 2023

Intercontinental Cup is one compittion to test Indian Football level as they will face the other national team who are at the same level as them.

The Intercontinental Cup is going to start on June 9th, 2023, and the former Indian Footballer Gouramangi Singh wants to see where Indian Football stand in the competition as it is one of the great chance for the team to see their growth.

Indian Football needs rapid growth because they have everything that smaller teams do not have, and they are still playing World Cup. Indian Football team ranked 101 in the Fifa ranking and will be hoping to gain some places to come under 100.

India will play two major events in June month the first one is Intercontinental Cup which will start on June 9th, and South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) will start on June 21st. Both major tournaments are very important for an Indian football team to even think about playing in the Fifa Qualifier 2030.

If, by any chance, the Indian Football team is able to win the 2024 AFC Asian Cup, which will happen in January 2024, then there will be a slight chance that the Indian Football team can compete for the World Cup qualifiers.

Indian team’s best Fifa ranking was 94 in 2019, which was an amazing year for them, but still, they were no way near to even entering the qualification of the Fifa World Cup, which clearly shows the skills and talent of India in football. It has been one of the reasons why Indian Football does not attract lots of fans because even when the Indian Cricket team was considered a low-class team, they surprised everyone with their performance in 1983 and won the World Cup, and after that, people started to support Indian team in big numbers. This is why Indian Football needs a trophy out of nowhere to show their belief and skill.

India does have more facilities than many low-level teams who represented their country in the World Cup but still, India needs it.

“It will surely help (the team if they play these tournaments). As a national team, you have only a certain number of matches that you get to play in the FIFA window. If you can host a tournament or participate in another country, that’s what the AIFF is trying to do,”

Gouramangi Singh was quoted as saying by ISL.com.

Sunil Chhetri will lead the Indian Football Team in the competition as their only player who played in Europe and is the world’s 2nd highest active goal scorer right now.

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