Indian Men’s Football Team’s FIFA Ranking Drops After AFC Asian Cup: Qatar and Tajikistan Rise

Indian men's football team drops in FIFA rankings after AFC Asian Cup exit; Qatar and Tajikistan rise.

The FIFA ranking of the Indian men’s national football team took a hit, dropping to 117 following their disappointing performance in the AFC Asian Cup. With the Blue Tigers suffering a first-round exit, losing all group-stage matches without scoring a goal, their rank plummeted by 15 spots from 102. This setback marks the lowest-ever rank under head coach Igor Stimac’s tenure, showcasing the team’s struggles in recent tournaments.

In contrast, the AFC Asian Cup saw Qatar emerge victorious for the second time, boosting their ranking by 21 spots to 37 after defeating Jordan 3-1 in the final. Tajikistan, despite being considered underdogs, impressed by reaching the quarterfinals in their maiden campaign, elevating their rank to 99.

While Japan’s quarterfinal exit resulted in a slight drop to 18th place, South Korea’s semifinal run contributed to their rise to 22nd in the rankings. Additionally, Ivory Coast, the African Cup of Nations winner, saw a significant climb of ten spots to number 39, while Nigeria, the runner-up, ascended 14 places to 28th. Despite exiting the tournament in the round of 16, Morocco maintains its status as Africa’s top-ranked team, positioned at number 12.

The AFC Asian Cup’s outcomes have reshaped the global football landscape, with notable changes in rankings reflecting the tournament’s impact on participating nations. As India grapples with their disappointing performance and strives to bounce back, teams like Qatar and Tajikistan celebrate their rise in the rankings, fueled by their impressive showings in the continental competition.

The FIFA rankings serve as a barometer of a nation’s footballing prowess and success on the international stage. While India aims to regroup and improve its standing in future tournaments, the latest rankings underscore the dynamic nature of football and the opportunities for teams to make significant strides based on their performances in prestigious competitions like the AFC Asian Cup and African Cup of Nations.

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