La Liga President Dismisses A22’s Super League Makeover, Calls it a ‘Trick

La Liga President Tebas dismisses A22's Super League makeover, labeling it a 'trick

In a resounding rebuke, Javier Tebas, the influential president of Spain’s La Liga, dismissed the proposed new format of the Super League on Tuesday. Tebas, a prominent figure in European football, declared that the new competition model presented by Super League promoter company A22 fails to comply with European sports law.

A22, embroiled in a feud with the European football establishment, revealed a revamped format for the Super League following a significant EU top court ruling in December. The revised model includes elements like promotion and relegation, aiming to position itself as a rival to UEFA‘s prestigious Champions League and attract Europe’s elite clubs.

However, Tebas delivered a scathing assessment during a roundtable meeting in Brussels, stating, “It will be difficult for A22 to convince leagues and clubs.” He accused Super League chiefs of employing sleight of hand, particularly highlighting the promotion and relegation aspects in the new 60-team model, characterizing it as a disguised closed competition.

Tebas also ridiculed A22’s assertion that the Super League could be made entirely free for fans to watch, likening it to a magical illusion. “Maybe David Copperfield, the magician, could broadcast the league free,” Tebas quipped, referring to the renowned American illusionist.

The presentation of the new Super League format in December faced immediate rejection from several top European clubs, signaling ongoing resistance to the concept. The Super League, initially launched in April 2021, collapsed almost immediately, triggering extensive legal battles.

Tebas expressed confidence that a court in Madrid would implement the Court of Justice of the EU’s ruling “before the summer,” emphasizing the ongoing legal complexities surrounding the proposed Super League makeover. As the clash between A22 and European football authorities intensifies, the fate of the Super League’s latest iteration remains uncertain.

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