Latest Football Transfer News: Eight players from Liverpool might exit, and Osimhmen and Pickford might go to Chelsea

Read about the latest football transfer news only on, which will keep you updated on the football world.

The football league season is about to end, as every league is at the end phase, and many clubs will be finding new players before the summer transfer window opens. Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain will be on the move as they did not sign players in the winter transfer.

Read about the latest football transfer news only on, which will keep you updated on the football world.

Chelsea FC’s Target for Summer Transfer Window

Chelsea will be going to be without Thiago Silva who will leave the club as a free agent but the issue with the Chelsea defense going to increase because they are conceding a lot of goals this season and their defensive player not doing well which is why they might go in the transfer window to sign defenders and striker.

Victor Osimhmen’s deal is looking hard for Chelsea to grab on to because Manchester United, Liverpool, and Paris Saint-Germain are looking for stronger clubs than Chelsea, who have not had a great last two seasons even after spending more than 1 billion dollars. However, it is going to create a problem for the Chelsea team to sign high-profile strikers like Osimhmen, who will cost a lot.

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Liverpool Transfer Rumors

As he already said, Jurgen Klopp is about to leave Anfield this season, and many players might leave the club in the summer transfer window. Luis Diaz, Fabio Carvalho, Caoimhmin Kellerher, Nat Phillips, Calvin Ramsay, and Tyler Morton are some of the players who are going to exit from Liverpool, but there are other rumors that Virgil Van Dijk might also go to be someone who might leave Liverpool.

Other European Giants Transfer News

Marco Verratti might sign for Barcelona, and Amadou Onana, who showed amazing defensive work in the Premier League, is being targeted by Arsenal, Bayern Munich, and Newcastle United. It is going to be an amazing summer transfer because, during the January transfer, most of the clubs did not sign any players.

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