Luis Rubiales Resigns as RFEF President after Kissing Controversy with Jenni Hermoso in the FIFA Women’s World Cup

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) will need to wait for their next appointment of the President, as Rubiales resigned.

Luis Rubiales, the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), announced his resignation today in a press conference. He said he could not continue his work after the controversy that erupted when he kissed Jenni Hermoso, the star of the Spanish women’s national team, during the Women’s World Cup in France.

Rubiales admitted that he made a mistake and that he had disrespected his wife and family. He also said that he had a conversation with his daughters, who told him that they were disappointed and ashamed of his behavior. He apologized to Hermoso, the RFEF, the fans, and the media for the scandal. He said that he was proud of his achievements as the RFEF president, such as securing the hosting rights for the 2030 World Cup, improving the conditions for women’s football, and promoting fair play and social responsibility. He thanked everyone who supported him and wished the best for the future of Spanish football.

He added that he had been working hard to improve the image and reputation of Spanish football, especially after the corruption scandals that plagued his predecessor, Ángel María Villar. He said that he had always acted with honesty and transparency and that he regretted that his personal mistake had tarnished his work.

RFEF president has not told anyone about his next replacement. Not even the management of the Spain Football Federation told anything related to this situation, which is now one of the major concerns for the Spainish Women’s Team, but for now, it is quite open, and no suggestions are given.

“After the quick suspension carried out by FIFA, plus the rest of open proceedings against me, it is evident that I will not be able to return to my position,” Rubiales’ statement reads.

“Insisting on waiting and holding on is not going to contribute to anything positive, neither to the federation nor to Spanish football.”

“My daughters, I spoke with them and they know it’s not a question about me. They say to me, Luis you have to focus on your dignity and continue your life. If not probably you are going to damage people you love and the sport you love.”

Rubiales said in the Interview

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