Manchester City Flop Summer Signing Kalvin Phillips Transfer News

Will Kalvin Phillips leave Manchester City in the January Window for Newcastle United on Loan, or will he stay? Find out in the article.

Pep Guardiola is known for his masterclass managing skills and has been one of the best Managers of all time, but his bet on Kalvin Phillips in the summer was a disastrous decision because Phillips did not turn out to be the player he saw in Leeds United last season.

Manchester City thought of him to give the team more depth as Kevin de Bryune was getting old, but it turned out to be the opposite of it as he only played 380 minutes on the field, which made him start for only 2 games in the Premier League since 2022/23 that clearly tells that Pep is given up on him and he is likely to go on loan or either transfer to the new club.

Newcastle United is in a crisis of players as most of their first-team players are injured, and Sandro Tonali has been banned due to his betting, which gave Newcastle United a shock because they signed Tonali from AC Milan for about £55m but in October, Italian Football Federation charges him for the betting he did.

Kalvin Phillips played 235 matches for Leeds in eight seasons and was one of the most important players for them. He is a great midfield player who can help with defensive work as well as the offensive work.

In December, when reports were asked about Kalvin Phillips’s future from Guardiola, he replied that he was sorry for the situation Kalvin was in right now and that he did not deserve what had happened to him. The club is looking to loan the player for the long term and see if he will improve in that time so they can call him back, but it is going to be super hard because Kalvin Phillips is already 28 years old.

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