Clear Match Fixing In State Football: Delhi Premier League, Clips Of The Match Gone Viral

Read the full news about the top-tier Indian state football match-fixing scandal by Ahbab FC in a match against Rangers in the Delhi Premier League.

Delhi Premier League is considered the top tier of state football, but still, the level of fixing going on the top tournament like that is one of the most disgusting and heartbreaking things for all Indian football fans.

The match was between Ahbab FC and Rangers SC in the Delhi Premier League, in which Ahbab FC was leading by 4-0, but then in the 86th minute, the Ahbab FC defenders and players scored two own goals, which was clearly said to be a clear match fixing goal because the way they scored the two own goals tell about what was their motive.

Delhi Soccer Association suspended Ahbab FC after the match-fixing allegations, and an investigation is being conducted. Recently, everyone was sad about the result of India’s AFC Asian Cup performance, in which they lost all three matches and did not score a single goal. It made fans angry, but they need to know the truth about grass-level football in India, which is one of the worst in the World.

The paying scale and the tournament are not the issue anymore. It’s all about the player’s courage, who does not deny playing matches that are fixed or have some illegal involvement because the player needs to stand for what they want in the future of football. The government needs to address the issue, as well as the system allowing such teams to play in the top tier of football in a country like India, where cricket has achieved so much and football has not.

Indian football president Kalyan Chaubey, on Twitter about the situation, said that he saw the video and asked the committee to conduct the investigation, and soon there will be justice for all the fans who love football and don’t want any illegal activity on the ground.

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