Megan Rapinoe Bids Farewell to the USWNT: A Legend Retires

Explore the illustrious career and impactful legacy of Megan Rapinoe as she announces her retirement from the US women's national soccer team.

Megan Rapinoe, one of the most influential and successful players in the history of women’s soccer, has announced her retirement from the US national team. The 36-year-old forward, who won two World Cups and an Olympic gold medal with the USWNT, played her final game on Tuesday against South Korea in Minnesota.

Rapinoe leaves behind a legacy that goes beyond her achievements on the pitch. She is a vocal advocate for social justice, gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and racial equity. She is also a role model for millions of young girls and boys who aspire to follow in her footsteps.

Rapinoe’s career spanned 17 years, during which she scored 62 goals in 197 appearances for the USWNT. She won the Golden Ball and the Golden Boot at the 2019 World Cup, where she led the US to their fourth title. That year, she also won the Ballon d’Or and the FIFA Best Women’s Player awards.

Rapinoe’s retirement marks the end of an era for the USWNT, who have dominated the women’s game for decades. She is part of a generation of players who have inspired and empowered countless fans around the world with their skill, passion, and courage. Megan Rapinoe is not just a soccer star, she is a true American icon. She will be missed but never forgotten.

Obviously I’m 38 years old, I’m not going to be playing forever and it just always feels weird for me to have something settled and feel at peace and to not answer a question honestly, I kind of wanted to have that for myself

Rapinoe Said

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ClubsOlympique Lyonnais WomenOL ReignSydney FC WomenChicago Red StarsWashington FreedomPhiladelphia Independence

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