Sergio Ramos has chosen quality over money and re-joined Sevilla after 18 years

Sergio Ramos' inspiring return from lucrative Saudi offers to Sevilla, a heartfelt comeback story driven by passion over profit.

Sergio Ramos has given a solid statement to all the young and old football players after joining Sevilla for an essentially low fee, which is 15 times lower than what Saudi Arabian Al Ittihad offered him.

Ramos left the Sevilla club 18 years ago to join Real Madrid, and since then, he has been one of the major parts of the Madrid team. He joined PSG in the 2021 summer transfer as a free agent to be another team star player alongside Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., Kylian Mbappe, and Marco Verrati.

Ramos chose to return to Sevilla over other lucrative offers from Saudi Arabia, where his former Real Madrid teammate Karim Benzema tried to convince him to join Al Ittihad. He was not bound by the transfer deadline on Friday as he was a free agent. He will add experience and leadership to Sevilla’s defense. Ramos will wear the number 4 shirt at Sevilla, the same number he wore at Real Madrid and PSG.

Ramos admitted that he made some mistakes in the past that might have upset some Sevilla fans, especially when he celebrated a goal against them while playing for Real Madrid. He asked for forgiveness and said he was happy to return to his home.

“I’m very excited and emotional to be back at Sevilla. It’s been 18 years since I left, and I think I owe an apology to any Sevilla fan who felt offended by some of my actions or gestures. I want you to know that I’m just another player who wants to help the team and the club. We are all part of the same family, and we don’t need to fight each other. There are too many enemies outside,”

Ramos said in his presentation video

Many superstars have gone to the Saudi Arabia Super Pro League since Ronaldo went in January, In fact, the Saudi Arabian Pro League is in the 2nd rank for spending in the transfer window because the 1st one went to the Premier League, especially because of Chelsea FC, who almost spent around 1 billion euros in last one year and more than 450+ million euros in the summer transfer.

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