Speculation Arises Over Rodri’s Red Card Incident: Frank McAvennie Weighs In

Frank McAvennie suggests that Rodri's recent red card incident might have been provoked by something said on the field.

Manchester City midfielder Rodri’s recent red card incident against Nottingham Forest in the Carabao Cup has raised questions about what might have provoked his unusual outburst. As the former West Ham striker Frank McAvennie suggests, it’s highly unlikely that Rodri would have “lost the plot” unless something had happened on the field.

The incident occurred during Manchester City‘s Carabao Cup clash with Nottingham Forest on September 23. Despite City leading 2-0, Rodri was shown a straight red card for grabbing Forest’s Morgan Gibbs-White around the neck. The midfielder has since received a three-match ban, which will see him miss the upcoming game against Arsenal on October 8.

While City managed to secure a 2-0 win despite being reduced to ten men for the second half, Rodri’s uncharacteristic reaction has left many wondering what transpired on the pitch.

McAvennie, speaking exclusively to Football Insider, believes that words must have been exchanged between Gibbs-White and Rodri for the latter to react so aggressively.

“He lost the plot a bit,” McAvennie commented. “I wonder if Gibbs-White said something to him because I do not know why he would react like that otherwise. Rodri would not react like that for a tackle or a shove, I think the boy has said something to him. That is the only reason that I could ever see Rodri losing the plot like that.”

While acknowledging that such a reaction is not justified, McAvennie highlights that Rodri is typically known for his calm and collected demeanor on the field. He often plays the role of peacemaker and is quick to de-escalate conflicts. Therefore, something significant must have transpired for him to react in this manner.

The incident has raised questions about on-field communication and the mental resilience of players when faced with provocation. Regardless of the circumstances, maintaining composure and avoiding retaliation is crucial in professional football.

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