The New English Football Governance Bill 2024? And Why it is a Good News for Fans

Read about all the key points of the New English Football Governance Bill 2024 and why it is important for Fans of English Clubs.

The UK Government is set to introduce the new Football Regulation Law, which will appoint an independent football regulator who will be in charge across all five tiers of the football league in England, which will help the clubs from going bankrupt.

The UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also made a big statement about the bill, which will be introduced soon. “It is a historic moment for football fans. It will make sure their voices are front and center. Football has long been one of our greatest sources of national pride. But for too long some clubs have been abused by unscrupulous owners who get away with financial mismanagement, which at worst can lead to complete collapse – as we saw in the upsetting cases of Bury and Macclesfield Town.”

The English Football League’s chairperson Rick Parry claimed that the regulator will be able to fix football’s broken financial model and bring stability. He said: “If delivered on the right terms, this landmark legislation can help fix the game’s broken financial model by offering the independent input ultimately needed to help ensure that all clubs can survive and thrive in a fair and competitive environment.” Said Rishi Sunak.

What will Happen When the Regulator is appointed?

When the regulator is appointed under the New English Football Governance Bill, every club in the English league must adopt a new licensing system. The bill also states that fans will be important to their club’s heritage and decisions. This will give fans of each club a more prominent role in giving their opinions about the transfer deals and also about the stadium’s infrastructure, which will be a great inclusion in the Bill.

The bill also prevents the big clubs in the Premier League from joining the European Super League, which the European Court of Justice has once again discussed. In this league, the top five league nations’ top clubs, like Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, and many rich clubs, can participate, which might give more money to the European Football Association.

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