Which are the Top 5 Most Watched Football League in the World?

Read which league has the most average per-match view and which is the most Watched Football League in the World.

Football is the most watched sports and famous sport in the World which includes over 200 countries participate in some of Football’s main tournaments like World Cup Qualifiers, World Cup, European League, African League, and then many major leagues including the Premier League which is one of the most watched leagues in the world.

Here is the Top 5 Most Watched Football League in the World

5. Italian Serie A

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The Serie A is getting famous day by day but it went high when Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus who won the most number of titles in the league 36 times but other big clubs like Inter Milan and AC Milan won 19 each. However, the viewership has recently dropped a bit since Ronaldo went away, which is the sad part. The clubs are still doing well. The average number of viewers is just over 2 million, which is quite amazing for Serie A.

4. Liga MX Apertura

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It might surprise many football fans that Liga MX Apertura has a higher viewership than the Serie A and other top leagues because in the European part, hardly people watch Liga MX which is the top division league in Mexico and it was founded in 1943 as Primera Division. The average viewership per match is 3.7 million.

3. Ligue 1

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Many jokes about Ligue 1 being Farmers League led to heated conversations between some players like Neymar, and Mbappe who played for the Paris Saint-German. The average per-match view is 10.5 million which is amazing. PSG won 11 League titles, which is the most by any team.

2. La Liga

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Source: FC Barcelona/LaLiga

The Spanish league notably runs with only two teams, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, one of the world’s top teams. The league has been running since 1929 which is 95 years ago making it one of the oldest leagues which is why the per-match view of La Liga is 76 million. Real Madrid won the most number of titles 35 times.

1. Premier League

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The English Premier League is known as the most competitive league in the world, which is why football fans love to watch the league’s thrilling matches. The average per-match view is phenomenal, at about 643 million. The reasons can be because it is shown around the globe the number of matches is higher, and so is the money every club has. However, the best part of the Premier League is the fans and the superstars, who all say it is the most competitive league they have ever played in their lifetime. Manchester United won the most titles, about 20 times, but recently they have been struggling.

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