West Ham’s Mohammed Kudus Faces Injury Concerns Ahead of AFCON 2023

West Ham's Mohammed Kudus faces AFCON entry delay due to a slight injury, raising concerns about his tournament availability.

West Ham United and Ghana’s Mohammed Kudus is dealing with a slight injury, delaying his arrival for the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2023, raising concerns about his availability for the tournament.

Reports from the Evening Standard indicate that Kudus has not yet joined the Ghana squad due to the minor injury. West Ham manager Chris Hughton mentioned, “We are expecting (Mohammed) to join the group hopefully in a few days. He has a very slight injury issue that needs to be dealt with before he joins camp, but we’re hopeful.”

Earlier information suggested that the Black Stars coach rejected West Ham’s request for Kudus to join the training camp after the game against Brighton. Hughton expressed frustration, stating, “We have not had confirmation on any of them really on the join-up day, which is incredibly strange. You would have thought that would have been ready by now, and we are still waiting on that.”

Kudus, a crucial player for both West Ham and the Black Stars, is considered important to any team he represents. Hughton expressed optimism about Kudus’ potential availability for the Brighton game, emphasizing his significance to the team.

However, with the AFCON tournament looming, concerns persist about Kudus’ fitness and readiness for the crucial competition. The Black Stars’ head coach, Chris Hughton, disclosed in a press conference that the 23-year-old midfielder has a slight injury, and his camp entry will be delayed.

As the football community anxiously awaits updates on Kudus’ recovery, both West Ham and Ghana hope for his swift return to full fitness, ensuring his vital presence in the upcoming AFCON campaign.

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