Why did Inter Milan and Lukaku deal collapse? Zanetti told the media

Romelu Lukaku and his transfer talk have been one of the most trending topics over the past 2 years since He failed to shine in the Chelsea F.C. team after moving from Inter Milan for a record deal of £97.5 million in August 2021.

Chelsea’s new manager Mauricio Pochettino cleared before the start of the pre-season that he does not need Lukaku in his team, which was seen as Lukaku was not even on the bench for Pre-Season matches. Chelsea even sold around 11 players, and 8 out of them used to be part of the first team from the last 2 years, which clearly indicates that the club wants to rebuild the team from scratch because of their last season’s performance which was their worst season ever in the Premier League since 1995.

Lukaku was on loan last season, but his performance was not good; in the UEFA Champions League final, he missed a goal just from 2 meters away from the post, which clearly made the Inter Milan fans angry. Recently the Vice President of Inter Milan and the former captain Javier Zanetti talked frustrated about how Lukaku dealt with them as they backed him even when he was at his worst, but now he is talking with their rivals, Juventus made Zanetti feel very sad. He gave a strong statement about Lukaku in the media, which was one of the boldest statements by the club and also by Zanetti.

“Lukaku has betrayed us. We’re very disappointed,” he frankly admitted. “We expected completely different behaviour by Romelu, as professional but also as a man.”

Javier Zanetti said in the media

Inter Milan is now looking to do a deal with Arsenal for their young talented striker Folarin Balogun, but it is going ot be tricky because Inter Milan can’t give the amount which Arsenal wants.

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