Why Liverpool’s Anfield Was Snubbed as a Venue for Euro 2028: Financial Insights

Finance expert Kieran Maguire explains why Liverpool's Anfield was excluded as a venue for Euro 2028.

Kieran Maguire, a finance expert, sheds light on the decision to exclude Anfield as a venue for Euro 2028, emphasizing its financial implications.

Last week, UEFA revealed the ten venues selected to host matches for the 2028 European Championships. Surprisingly, Liverpool’s iconic Anfield stadium didn’t make the cut, joining Old Trafford in the group of stadiums left out of the tournament’s host list. Everton’s newly-constructed Bramley Moore Dock stadium will represent Merseyside instead.

The Daily Mail reported that Anfield’s omission was primarily due to concerns about the pitch’s dimensions, which were considered too small for the tournament’s requirements.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider, finance expert Kieran Maguire discussed the potential financial reasoning behind Liverpool’s acceptance of this decision. Maguire pointed out that Liverpool‘s ownership group, Fenway Sports Group (FSG), might see this as a calculated trade-off.

According to Maguire, FSG is likely prioritizing the completion of the Anfield Road stand expansion. This expansion is expected to provide a substantial increase in seating capacity, which translates to higher matchday revenues over the long term. FSG appears to have conducted a comprehensive financial analysis and determined that the income generated by these additional seats outweighs any financial losses associated with not hosting Euro 2028 matches.

Maguire noted FSG’s meticulous approach to financial matters and suggested that they have likely calculated that the revenue from the expanded seating will more than compensate for the missed opportunity to host European Championship matches in 2028.

In conclusion, it seems that Liverpool’s exclusion from hosting Euro 2028 matches at Anfield is a strategic financial decision made by FSG, focusing on maximizing long-term revenues through stadium expansion rather than short-term gains from hosting tournament matches.

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