Women’s World Cup Broadcast Blackout Looms: FIFA

FIFA's presiden said Europe's top football nations may face a Women's World Cup broadcast blackout unless media improves on their "disappointing" offers.

Football fans, particularly those rooting for the top teams from Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France, may miss out on the excitement of this year’s Women’s World Cup. This is because the broadcast rights have been vastly undervalued by media companies. It’s frustrating news for Fifa’s president Gianni Infantino, who has spoken out against the “slap in the face” that the low offers represent for the players, as well as women’s football worldwide. With so much support for women’s football in Europe, it’s disappointing to see such a lack of investment in the sport. Let’s hope media companies soon realize the value of the Women’s World Cup and provide fans with the opportunity to watch the top teams compete.

Football has often been referred to as the “beautiful game,” but when it comes to pay and recognition for the women’s teams, things are not so pretty. Fifa President Gianni Infantino recently made it clear that he, and the organization he leads, are committed to ensuring that the Women’s World Cup gets the recognition and value it deserves. Speaking at a trade meeting, Infantino emphasized that they are under a moral and legal obligation to ensure that the women’s teams get fair treatment, and if that means not broadcasting the event in Europe’s major countries, then so be it. The world is watching to see whether the powers that be will step up and give the women’s teams the respect and value they deserve.

Despite the time-zone difference, the Women’s World Cup matches will go on and FIFA President, Gianni Infantino, has made it clear that it should not be used as an excuse. While it may not be in prime-time viewing hours for European markets, matches will still be played at a reasonable time. In fact, the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France attracted 1.12 billion viewers across all platforms, indicating the global audience for women’s football is continuing to grow. So whether you’re watching live or catching up later, the passion and skill on display from the world’s top female footballers is sure to captivate sports fans worldwide.

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