Indian Men’s and Women’s Hockey Teams Prepare to Showcase Their Prowess in the Centennial Spanish Hockey Federation International Tournament 2023

The Centennial Spanish Hockey Federation International Tournament 2023 in Terrassa will feature the Indian men's and women's hockey teams, offering essential competitive exposure ahead of the 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China

The Centennial Spanish Hockey Federation International Tournament 2023, also recognized as the Torneo del Centenario, is ready to commence in Terrassa, Spain, from July 25th to 30th. This event will feature both the men’s and women’s hockey teams from India. The tournament is organized in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Real Federacion Espanola de Hockey, offering teams essential competitive exposure ahead of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, in 2023.

In the men’s competition, four teams will engage in a single round-robin contest, with the best two progressing to the finals scheduled for July 30. The women’s tournament, however, involves three teams who will play against each other in two rounds, with the trophy going to the top-performing team.

The Indian men’s hockey team, headed by drag-flick expert Harmanpreet Singh, will make their appearance following their fourth-place finish in the FIH Pro League 2022-23. Simultaneously, the women’s team, captained by goalkeeper Savita Punia, returns to the field after three challenging games in Germany, including two losses against the host nation and one against the People’s Republic of China.

The Indian men’s team, under the tutelage of South African coach Craig Fulton, is set to start their tournament journey against the Spanish home team on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the Indian women’s hockey team is ready to open its campaign against England on Wednesday. Fans in India can tune in to the live streaming of these matches.

This centenary tournament not only celebrates the Spanish Hockey Federation’s long-standing history but also provides a pivotal opportunity for the Indian squads to amass crucial match experience and fine-tune their strategy before the forthcoming Asian Games.

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