Bengaluru Bulls Triumph Over Telugu Titans in PKL Showdown: Pawan Sehrawat Faces Mentor Randhir Singh

Bengaluru Bulls secure a thrilling 33-31 victory over Telugu Titans in a mentor-protégé showdown in PKL Season 10.

In a thrilling Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 clash, the Bengaluru Bulls secured a narrow 33-31 victory against the Telugu Titans, adding an extra layer of intrigue as star raider Pawan Sehrawat faced off against his mentor, Bengaluru Bulls’ Head Coach Randhir Singh.

Speaking about the crucial win, Coach Randhir Singh expressed satisfaction, stating, “This win will certainly boost the morale of the team. It was an up-and-down match, and coming off a tough loss against Puneri Paltan, this victory is significant. The team has bounced back now.”

Acknowledging the strategic importance of the match, Coach Randhir Singh highlighted the key to their success, saying, “We knew that we had to stop Pawan as much as possible. The two tackles against him in the latter part of the game helped us win the match.”

The mentor-protégé dynamic added another layer of drama to the encounter, with Randhir Singh having worked closely with Pawan Sehrawat for five seasons at Bengaluru Bulls. Before the game, the two shared a conversation reflecting their unique relationship. Randhir Singh commented, “We have a father-son relationship. I taught him kabaddi from scratch. I told him to give his 100 percent before the match, and I said I would give my best as well. He also mentioned that he knows all of my strategies, but I also know how he plays.”

Despite Pawan Sehrawat‘s stellar individual performance, amassing 76 raid points in PKL 2023, the Telugu Titans find themselves at the bottom of the table with just 8 points after seven matches. The clash served as a testament to the competitive spirit in the league, with mentor and protégé facing off in a high-stakes battle.

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