Jaipur Pink Panthers Extend Unbeaten Streak with Dominant Win Over Haryana Steelers in PKL 10

Jaipur Pink Panthers dominate Haryana Steelers 37-27, extending their unbeaten run to 10 matches in PKL 10.

In a commanding display, the Jaipur Pink Panthers secured a 37-27 victory over the Haryana Steelers, extending their unbeaten streak to 10 matches in PKL 10. The game showcased stellar defense, with Ankush, Sunil Kumar, and Reza Mirbagheri emerging as the key difference-makers for the Panthers.

Ankush’s remarkable 5-point performance, combined with Sunil Kumar and Reza Mirbagheri’s collective 8 points, proved crucial in thwarting the Steelers’ efforts. The Jaipur Pink Panthers maintained their unbeaten record during their home leg, emphasizing their dominance in the Pro Kabaddi League.

Throughout the season, both teams had relied on robust defense, and in the early stages of the match, they continued to prioritize securing points through defensive plays. The first half witnessed a strategic approach, with each team earning only 5 points in attack while their defense, spearheaded by Ankush, contributed significantly with 16 points.

As the first half progressed, the Jaipur Pink Panthers seized control, executing the first ALL OUT with three minutes remaining, establishing a 14-8 lead. Despite the Steelers narrowing the gap before halftime, the Panthers held a four-point advantage.

The second half saw both teams sticking to the DO OR DIE raid strategy, placing trust in their defensive capabilities. The Steelers faced challenges from Deshwal’s impactful touch points, leading to the Jaipur Pink Panthers inflicting a second ALL OUT and securing a commanding 27-16 lead.

Deshwal’s continued dominance in the second half contributed to the Panthers’ expanding lead. The defense remained steadfast, and Ankush’s fifth tackle point two minutes before the conclusion further solidified their position. The Jaipur Pink Panthers concluded the game with a resounding 10-point victory, reaffirming their position at the top of the PKL 10 table.

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