Maninder Singh’s Masterclass Leads Bengal Warriors to Victory in 1000th Pro Kabaddi League Match

Maninder Singh shines in Bengal Warriors' victory over Bengaluru Bulls in the 1000th Pro Kabaddi League match.

In a spectacular display of skill, Maninder Singh orchestrated a masterclass performance as the Bengal Warriors triumphed over the Bengaluru Bulls in the historic 1000th Pro Kabaddi League match on Monday. Maninder’s 9 points, supported by defender Shubham Shinde’s 7 tackle points, showcased the Warriors’ dominance.

The early moments saw Bharat shining for the Bulls, securing raid points and taking a 5-2 lead by the 5th minute. However, Maninder Singh’s double-point raid, eliminating Bharat and Surjeet Singh, kept the Warriors in the contest as the Bulls maintained a narrow lead at 9-7 by the 12th minute. The Warriors’ defence, led by Shubham Shinde and Jaskirat Singh, contributed crucial tackle points, levelling the scores at 11-11 by the 16th minute.

A turning point came when Nitin Kumar’s strategic raids resulted in an ALL-OUT, allowing the Warriors to take a significant lead at 15-11. Shubham Shinde and Maninder Singh continued their stellar performances in defence and raiding, guiding the Warriors to a comfortable 19-12 lead at halftime.

The second half saw a resilient Bulls’ effort, with Bharat and Surjeet Singh making impactful plays to reduce the deficit. The Bulls executed an ALL-OUT, briefly taking the lead at 21-20 in the 28th minute. Shubham Shinde’s crucial tackle on Bharat kept the Warriors in contention at 23-24 in the 31st minute.

Riding on momentum, the Warriors unleashed an ALL-OUT, extending their lead to 32-27 by the 37th minute. Maninder Singh’s late double-point raid sealed the deal, securing a clinical victory for the Bengal Warriors in this historic Pro Kabaddi League encounter.

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