Heavyweight King Anatoly Malykhin Calls Himself The Best Russian Heavyweight

Anatoly Malykhin is confident about his abilities in the heavyweight class, but he has yet to become a three-division champion before calling himself the greatest.

ONE two-division champion Anatoly Malykhin is no doubt one of the best fighters on the ONE roster. With a perfect MMA record of 13-0, he has dominated every fighter he fought in the ONE, including the former heavyweight champion Arjan Bhullar, whom he defeated in his last fight to wrap a heavyweight belt around his waist after becoming a light heavyweight champion, and now the Russian fighter is eyeing for one more belt. After becoming the ONE Light heavyweight and heavyweight champion, Anatoly Malykhin is going into the middleweight division to fight the ONE middleweight champion, De Ridder, on March 1, 2024, at ONE 166, which is going to happen in Qatar.

Anatoly Malykhin and Reinier de Ridder clashed earlier as well, in December 2022, where the former knocked the latter out in the very first round of the fight to become the light heavyweight champion, and then Anatoly Malykhin moved up in the weight class to fight Arjan Bhullar, whom he dethroned in the third round of the fight by knocking out the former champion. The 36-year-old fighter is confident about his fighting skills in the heavyweight division and considers himself the best in the division. In a statement released by the Raty team, he was quoted saying this:

Heavyweight – definitely. My skills allow me to consider myself the best. I have no weaknesses. I am well functionally prepared, I am strong, fast, I have excellent wrestling, excellent striking.”

Anatoly Malykhin said

The Russian fighter is now moving to the middleweight division, and being honest about going into a different division, he acknowledged that he lacks experience in that division and it would be arrogance to call himself the best in that weight class.

Among light heavyweights – one of the best for sure. But in the middleweight division, I can’t say this about myself, since this will be my first fight in this weight, and from the outside it would be arrogance, having never competed in it, to say that I am the best.”

He added

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