Conor McGregor sends Miami heat mascot to ER- Dana White reacts

The official mascot of the Miami Heat basketball team, “Burnie,” was sent to the emergency room after former UFC two-division champion Conor McGregor knocked him out. The incident happened during Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Conor McGregor punched the mascot twice, sending him to the ER. The incident happened when McGregor and the guy wearing the mascot costume were acting for the promotion of a pain relief spray. It was a pre-planned skit, but the results were real, as the guy wearing the costume got knocked out in the first punch Conor McGregor threw, followed by another one when the mascot was on the ground the guy within the mascot was later admitted to the hospital and then sent back home.

Conor McGregor is now featuring as a coach in TUF season 31 opposite team Michael Chandler, and in the first two fights, team Chandler is leading, as in the first two fights, the fighters from team Chandler knocked out team McGregor’s fighters. McGregor was out of the UFC for almost 2 years after he broke his leg when he was fighting Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

UFC president Dana White reacted to the incident that happened in the NBA finals and made a few statements on that in the post-press conference of UFC 289; his words when asked what his take on the incident were:

I saw the Deontay Wilder one, too. What’s up with mascots wanting to get punched in the face by professional fighters. What do you expect? I mean what are those mascot things made out of? Unless you’re like the Golden Knights mascot, I don’t even know what the hell he wears but I’m assuming it’s a metal helmet, I wouldn’t have professional fighters punching me in the face if I was a mascot. Doesn’t seem like the brightest thing in the world,”

Dana White

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