“It’s A Bad Thing” Dana White Said On PFL Taking Over Bellator

In UFC president Dana White's opinion, the PFL-Bellator merger is a bad thing for the MMA industry.

UFC president Dana White didn’t seem to be happy with the recent PFL-Bellator merger and he has earlier showed his disappointment regarding the merger by calling it an awful one. Recently when Dana White was asked about the merger again during the UFC 296 post-fight press conference he explained why PFL taking over Bellator is not good for the MMA industry. In his statements he points out the problem for the upcoming fighters and those who are still grinding to make something big out of the sport as there would be less options available for the fighters.

It’s a bad thing, it’s not a good thing for there to be less options not only for you know fighters but guys who are coming up to have less options. So, yes. definitely not a good thing.

Dana White said

PFL acquiring Bellator was the headline of every MMA journal and it surely was a big merger, the PFL chairman Donn Davis was confident that the merger will make the organization a perfect competitor of the UFC. However, UFC president Dana White thinks otherwise and is outspoken about how the merger won’t be any problem for the UFC at all in terms of business.

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