Francis Ngannou To return to MMA in July or September 2024- Donn Davis

Francis Ngannou's next match-up is in MMA, as PFL founder Donn Davis revealed the time and opponent of the Predator.

Francis Ngannou’s highly awaited return to MMA is going to happen soon as the PFL founder Donn Davis revealed the time and the opponent’s name he would fight in the PFL. Francis Ngannou’s stint in boxing was neither a success nor a failure as “The Predator” made his hype in the boxing world by dropping Tyson Fury in his debut fight but lost it against two-time world champion Anthony Joshua, who knocked him out cold in the second round of the boxing match and people were wondering where would they see Ngannou next, in the ring or the cage and PFL’s Donn Davis has clarified that it will be an MMA fight where Francis would be seen in couple of months.
Donn Davis, in an interview with Ariel Hawani on the MMA Hour, revealed that PFL has decided to set Francis Ngannou for an MMA fight this July or September against the reigning heavyweight champion Renan Ferriera, and it would be a PPV event where Chris Cyborg will headline the co-main event. Further details of the PPV event will be announced later.

“People asked me before the [Ngannou vs. Joshua] fight when I was interviewed who do I think will win, who do I want to win. And I obviously root for Francis all the time. He’s our partner and I truly do, but he would not have fought in MMA until the first quarter of 2025. We talked to him about that and I was very vocal about that. That he would have absolutely fought, but it would’ve been December at the earliest. More likely February of 2025.”

Donn Davis said

“He was locked in, but he would’ve then gone ahead and fought Fury as we all said, had he won this fight so it would have delayed. So, I’m rooting for Francis all the time, but now he’s coming back early. Will it be as early as July? Maybe. Will it be as late as September? No later, but you’ll see Francis now in 2024 in PFL against [Renan Ferreira] in what I believe is going to be the fight I’m looking forward to the most in the heavyweight division in all of MMA.”

He added

Francis Ngannou Has a Lot To Prove In Boxing

In his second professional boxing bout, Francis Ngannou got KO’ed in the second round by Anthony Joshua, and everybody thought that it was over for Francis in boxing. But the Predator said he is not yet finished as “Boxing owes him something.” So far, there are no updates on who he will box next, but his MMA fight is undoubtedly coming next for his fans.

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