“I’d love (to fight) Sean Strickland” Ian Machado Garry Wants To Fight UFC Champion And Advised Him To Seek Mental Help

Ian Garry advised Sean Strickland to seek mental help and stop projecting his pain on others.

UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland and rising Irish MMA star Ian Machado Garry have been going back and forth on social media platforms, with the former constantly criticizing Ian Garry for his marriage and the latter firing back on him. In the eyes of the fight fans, a fight between these two fighters will be an exciting one, but that is for now not practical as Ian Machado Garry is a rising prospect in the welterweight category and Sean Strickland fights in the middleweight division. However, Ian Garry has found a way to make the fight happen, sharing his opinion on fighting Sean Strickland. He said this on “The MMA Hour.”

“In an ideal world, towards the end of the year, I don’t think Sean Strickland is going to be world champion. I believe there’s absolutely an opportunity to step into middleweight and give him a hurting, and maybe I’ll beat him so bad that he’ll forget all that childhood trauma, and he can thank me.”

Ian Garry

Not just did he show his intent to fight the middleweight champion, he also advised Sean to seek mental health help so that he could stop commenting on someone else’s personal life and get out of his childhood trauma. It was a week ago when Sean Strickland got emotional while talking about his abusive childhood on Theo Von’s podcast. Sean Strickland was explaining why his upcoming opponent Dricus du Plessis’ comments on his dad and childhood triggered him.

Ian Garry advised Sean to stop projecting his pain on others and said this:

The UFC (Performance Institute) has mental health and ways to deal with athletes’ mental health. Go talk to them and deal with it the way it should be dealt with. Get rid of it, release it, express it because to attack other people’s families and loved ones because you have childhood trauma is completely unfair

Ian Garry on MMA Hour

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