Jonathan Haggerty Is Confident That He Can Defeat Fabricio Andrade In An MMA Bout

Jonathan Haggerty thinks he has all the weapons in his arsenal to beat Fabricio Andrade in an MMA fight.

ONE bantamweight Muay Thai and kickboxing champion, Jonathan Haggerty, after becoming the double champ, is eyeing for the third gold by challenging his old foe Fabricio Andraded for an MMA fight in the bantamweight division. Fabricio Andrade and Jonathan Haggerty had a fight earlier in November 2023 for the vacant bantamweight kickboxing title, where “The General” beat the MMA champ to strap the second belt around his waist. Now he is looking forward to snatching the title of ONE bantamweight MMA champ this year and is confident enough that he could beat Fabricio in an MMA fight.

Speaking to the South China Morning Post, Jonathan said this:

“I’ve beat him once and I could beat him again. I feel like his speciality in MMA is stand-up and I’ve already taken him out in stand-up. So imagine with four-ounce gloves and a little bit of takedown defense, who knows, who knows, what could happen? But give me the shot and I won’t disappoint.”

Jonathan Haggerty said

Jonathan Haggerty is scheduled to fight No. 4-ranked bantamweight Muay Thai contender Felipo Libo on February 16th. This fight will be the test for the ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai champion before shifting his focus to MMA. The bout will go live on Amazon Prime Video, and fight fans from the United States and Canada who have an Amazon Prime subscription can catch the live action on the date mentioned.

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