Leon Edwards’ Coach Chose Gilbert Burns Over Belal Muhammad To Fight Next

UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards' coach thinks that Gilbert Burns would bring more to the table than Belal Muhammad.

UFC 296 brought another title defense win for Leon Edwards as the British MMA fighter beat Colby Covington in a five-round Welterweight title fight by unanimous decision. Leon Edwards was dominant in every aspect, whether it was striking or grappling during the fight, and that’s what he’s been doing since his 2016 fight, beating every top contender in the welterweight division except Belal Muhammad, with whom he had a fight back in 2021, but due to an eye poke in the second round of the fight, Belal Muhammad couldn’t continue the fight and it was declared a no contest.

Just after the fight, Belal Muhammad, expressing his opinion on the Leon vs. Colby fight, said that it was pathetic to see such fights and called out Leon for a rematch. Now the question is whether he would get another chance to fight the champ or not. Well,  in Leon Edwards’ coach Dave Lovell’s opinion, it has to be the Brazilian fighter Gilbert Burns who should fight Leon next, as according to him, Burns would bring more to the table than Belal.

Well, let’s put it real — Belal’s earned his place, hasn’t he?“Even though he still hasn’t done what Leon did. He didn’t go through the tribulations Leon did. But you know what? He’s earned himself his contendership. To be honest, if I really had a choice, but I don’t think it will happen, I would like Leon to fight [Gilbert] Burns. But Burns had two bites at the cherry. I think maybe they’d want Burns maybe to have a couple more [wins] before [a title shot] if he was going to be a contender.

But if I had a choice who would be next, I would prefer Burns over Belal, because I think Burns brings more to the table than Belal

Lovell said on The MMA Hour.

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