Max Holloway vs Justin Gaethje UFC 300 Aftermath And Call-Out

Max Holloway showed unseen moments of the UFC 300 in his recently uploaded YouTube video.

It was an absolutely wild fight between Max Holloway and Justin Gaethje, where the new champion knocked out “the Highlight” with one second left in the fight. The two agreed to do a standing brawl with 10 seconds left in the battle, and after doing some missed exchanges, one right hook found a perfect spot on Justin Gaethje’s chin, dropping him cold on the canvas. Undoubtedly, the two gave the fans a fight for ages. In the post-fight interview, the BMF champ calls out the newly crowned king of the featherweight division, Ilia Topuria, for a fight, simply a badass move after such a vicious knockout victory.

Recently, Max Holloway uploaded a video on his YouTube channel that included his pre- and post-fight moments. The video shows his talk with Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, before the fight, where the two exchanged friendly words with each other. A brief phone conversation post-fight where the BMF said this

“That last 10 seconds was for you. All week, you told me, ‘Just throw,’” Holloway says over the phone while sitting in the backstage medical tent immediately after the bout. “All week. I was hurting him, I was hurting, but f****** a hurt lion is more dangerous. Every time I hurt him, he had the craziest look in his eyes. I was like, ‘F*** this. I ain’t trying nothing dumb.”

Max Holloway said post-fight

The champion had a brief conversation with Justin Gaethje, giving him props for his vicious leg kicks. After his winning call-out to Ilia Topuria, the fans are now hyped for a match-up between these two fighters. So far, there hasn’t been any official update from the UFC, but a fight between these two makes sense now; there are possibilities that a battle between these will come to fruition in coming UFC events.

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