“He [McGregor] is the perfect character” Ilia Topuria Reveals The Reason For His Call-Out

Ilia Topuria explains the reason behind calling out Conor McGregor after his featherweight title victory.

Arguably one of the best featherweight fighters currently on the UFC roster is the Spanish-Georgian fighter Ilia Topuria, who doesn’t only have the big mouth but also the courage to deliver what she says. His last fight win against Alexander Volkanovski, who dominated the division for more than four years, proved his hunger to become the best, which was once seen in the former two-division champion Conor McGregor, whom he called out after his featherweight title win. 

Hey Dana [White], Hunter [Campbell], it’s showtime. It’s time to take the UFC to Spain. Conor McGregor, if you still have some b*lls, I will be waiting for you in Spain.”

Ilia Topuria said after UFC 298 win

After his fight callout, fans wanted to know the reason behind such a desire, as Conor McGregor has been out of action for more than two years now after his gruesome leg injury suffered at UFC 264 fighting against Dustin Poirier. Recently, while talking to the Spanish newspaper Marca, he revealed the reason behind the callout and praised Conor McGregor for his contribution to the sport of MMA and making it popular around the world. Following in his footsteps, he also wanted to do the same and make the sport more popular during his reign as champion. 

Spanish-Georgian champion The rise to fame was similar to how Conor McGregor got his popularity when he knocked out the then featherweight champion Jose Aldo. All the trash talk before the fight, building the hype of himself and making people believe that he would dethrone the champion, was like a loop for the fight fans when they talk about newly crowned champion Ilia Topuria. Here’s what he said during his interaction with the newspaper:. 

‘First and foremost, in terms of making our sports known, he [McGregor] is the perfect character. My goal is to expand the sport, I want to expand the sport as much as I can, and the more people know about it, the better.

Two, because he represents a chapter in MMA and I believe that it is time for that chapter to close and a new one to begin.”

Ilia Topuria said

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