Seksan Breaks Silence On His Fight With River Daz At Fight Night 46

Seksan praised the Australian Muay Thai fighter River Daz for his fighting skills after their Muay Thai bout.

Seksan and River Daz had an intense Muay Thai fight at ONE Fight Night 46. There is no denying that it was one of the most exciting fights of the event, as a clear winner in the fight was difficult to decide even for the judges as the judges declared the winner of the fight through a split decision. Seksan, who was announced the winner of the Muay Thai bout, arguably had one of the toughest fights of his ONE championship run. This was the eighth consecutive win for the Muay Thai phenome. In his interview with ONE Championship, he praised his opponent, River Daz, for his skillset and gave him a 10/10.

I would give him a 10. I think he did an excellent job at coming to fight with me.”

Seksan said

Though the Australian fighter lost the fight, he showed everyone in his division that taking a win from him won’t be an easy task for the opponent. Now it will be a matter of time for the fight fans to see who he will get next. The same question is there for the legend Seksan, as the fighter now has eight consecutive wins under the ONE FC banner and overall more than 200 wins in the art of eight limbs. Finding a worthy opponent for “The man who yields to no one” would be a challenge, but there is a British fighter who is eager to fight him.

Liam “Hitman” Harrison has earlier shown his interest in fighting Seksan in a Muay Thai bout. Liam Harrison’s journey in the ONE has so far been a roller coaster ride with 2 wins and 3 losses; in fact, he got knocked out in round one of his last fight against Nong-o-Hama. It is now on the ONE who they will select next for Seksan.

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