“Beat all of these guys” Jon Anik Wants Leon Edwards To Beat These Guys To Become Welterweight GOAT

Jon Anik drops a worthy opponent's name for Leon Edwards for his next fight.

UFC’s Welterweight Champion Leon Edwards has proved himself a worthy champion in the 147-pound category by successfully defending his title twice in 2023. The champion has cleared all the doubts of the experts about being just lucky in his second fight with former welterweight champion Kumaru Usman, where he registered victory by unanimous decision, and then at UFC 296, where he beat Colby Covington to defend his title for the second time. His two successful title defenses made him a fan favorite, but according to UFC’s commentator Jon Anik Leon Edwards, he still needs to beat some more guys to become the GOAT of the welterweight division.

While talking to Bodog Canada, Jon Anik revealed the names of the fighters whom Leon Edwards needed to fight, which also included the name of Belal Muhammad to become king of the division.

I think you need to marry the financial goals with the career-aspirational goals. I mean, he’s a Hall of Famer first ballot, but to go down potentially as the greatest welterweight of all time, if Belal Muhammad is indeed easy work, I think that fight makes a lot of sense.

Jon Anik said

Leon Edwards and Belal Muhammad had a fight back in 2021; unfortunately, that bout was declared a no contest due to a second-round eye poke by Leon, due to which Belal couldn’t continue the fight. After UFC 296, Belal Muhammd called Leon Edwards for a rematch to square things off, but Leon Edwards is not at all excited for a rematch, and Jon Anik couldn’t think of another name except Belal, though he named one more worthy contender to the title, i.e., Khamzat Chimaev, but the fighter is now fighting in the middleweight division. Belal Muhammad is unbeaten in his last 10 fights, and that’s what makes him a worthy contender for the title shot.

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