UFC Academy Combine 2024 Results: Punyajit Likharu And Sumit Kumar Earned Full Scholarship

India's Punyajit Likharu and Sumit Kumar are among the 28 selected professional fighters to get a full scholarship.

Indian MMA revolution, arguably started by the “King of Lions,” Anshul Jubli, by becoming the first ever Indian MMA fighter to register a victory in the UFC event (Road to UFC) to secure a UFC contract, is slowly gaining momentum with new MMA prospects from India are achieving international heights in this sport. Recently, UFC announced its fifth UFC Academy combined results, and 28 emerging prospects from Asia have secured full UFC scholarships at UFC Academy, with two Indian athletes, Punyajit Likharu and Sumit Kumar, securing the scholarship. This is the first time Indian and Singapore MMA athletes found their names on the list.

These selected athletes were tested rigorously in various physical departments and fighting skills such as wrestling, grappling, striking, etc. Sim Kai Xiong is the only fighter from Singapore on the list. Sumit Kumar(4-1) and Punyajit Likharu(4-0), with other selected fighters, will train at the UFC Performance Institute in Shanghai, China, for their upcoming professional fights.

In the men’s category, the Chinese MMA fighter Ahejiang Ailinuer got the highest score overall, and in the women’s group, Hailai Wusamo got the highest score.

UFC academy combine results:

  • Agulali (flyweight, China)
  • Ahejiang Ailinuer (featherweight, China)
  • Aili Mulatebieke (lightweight, China)
  • Aziz Khaydarov (lightweight, Tajikistan)
  • Baergeng Jieleyisi (bantamweight, China)
  • Daermisi Zhawupasi (bantamweight, China)
  • Degaxue (bantamweight, China)
  • Dong Huaxiang (women’s strawweight, China)
  • Gexi Pengchu (bantamweight, China)
  • Hailai Wusamo (women’s strawweight, China)
  • Huang Yuele (featherweight, China)
  • Ji Niushiyue (flyweight, China)
  • Kalinu (featherweight, China)
  • Lizicongwu (flyweight, China)
  • Punyajit Likharu (bantamweight, India)
  • Regezhen (featherweight, China)
  • Sim Kai Xiong (flyweight, Singapore)
  • Sulang Rangbo (bantamweight, China)
  • Sumit Kumar (flyweight, India)
  • Ti Haitao (bantamweight, China)
  • Tilihabuli Walibieke (lightweight, China)
  • Wan Fayang (featherweight, China)
  • Wang Cong (women’s flyweight, China)
  • Xiao Long (bantamweight, China)
  • Xie Bin (featherweight, China)
  • Yan Qihui (women’s flyweight, China)
  • Zeqiuduoji (featherweight, China)
  • Zhu Kangjie (featherweight, China)

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