UFC CEO Dana White Revealed Whether Endeavour Is Buying Top Rank Or Not?

Dana White breaks silence on the rumors of UFC's parent company taking over boxing promotion at Top Rank.

UFC CEO Dana White recently denied the rumors of UFC’s parent company taking over the boxing promotion Top Rank. The news of Endeavour buying the boxing promotion Top Rank was first introduced by Rick Glaser by posting a tweet on his X account. After that, it became a popular rumor among the combat sports community, and at the end, to clarify the rumors, Dana White personally posted a story on his Instagram denying all the rumors of Endeavour taking over the boxing promotion.

“Promised everyone a Christmas gift, never printed, never talked about, biggest Boxing news in many years, Boxing Powerhouse #TopRank is in the final due diligence stage of being sold to Entertainment conglomerate #Endeavor headed by #AriEmanuel, Endeavor is the parent company of #UFC & #WWE, translated means after 58 years in Boxing 92 year old @BobArum is retiring, & @DanaWhite now enters the #Boxing business with the Top Rank purchase. Look for longtime Boxing stalwart & #DanaWhite friend @TomLoeffler1 to have a major role at Top Rank once the purchase takes effect. Now that’s mega news in the Boxing World!!! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas gift! Please repost.”

Rick Glaser

Dana White, wiping away all the dust surrounding this rumor, posted that it is not true and there are no plans to take over the boxing promotion.

“Absolutely positively not true. We are not buying Top Rank”

Dana White

Even after Dana White’s denial of the rumors, Rick Glaser remained adamant about his words and said that he stood by what he wrote. As per the journalist Kevin Lole, the news of Endeavour buying Top Rank is 100% fake and will not happen. quoting Top Rank head BobArum, he said that the promotion is not for sale and the president didn’t know any such news.

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