ITF Resumes Tennis in China Amid Shuai’s Silence

The ITF resumes tennis matches in China with no update on Peng Shuai, who disappeared following sexual assault allegations. Read more here.

The International Tennis Federation is set to hold tournaments in China this year despite the absence of any resolution to the troubling case of Peng Shuai. The Chinese doubles player had accused a high-ranking Communist Party official of sexual assault via a web posting in November of 2021, and since then, she has disappeared from public view. It’s a distressing situation, and one that raises questions of how China is handling the issue, particularly given the international outcry and calls for accountability. While the tennis world carries on with its scheduled events, the future for Peng and her quest for justice remains uncertain.

Tennis enthusiasts, prepare your racquets! The International Tennis Federation (ITF) is bringing their World Tennis Tour to China for the first time, with their first tournament scheduled for June 5-11 in Luzhou. Although the ITF had to pause their tournaments due to COVID-19, they are now looking forward to resuming activity in China later this year. While the ITF prepares to showcase some of the world’s top talent on the court, the WTA, who runs the sport’s elite women’s events, has not yet announced any plans for resuming tournaments in China. With China’s appetite for tennis growing, we can only hope that we see more exciting tournaments in the years to come.

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has had to make the tough decision to suspend all of its tournaments in China due to concerns over Peng, which will cost the organization millions. Meanwhile, the men’s ATP has scheduled several events later this year in China but has had to cancel 2022 events due to COVID-19 restrictions. Peng, who gave a controlled interview a year ago during the Winter Olympics in Beijing and had dinner with International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach, has left many questions unanswered and has largely been out of public view since then. The controversy surrounding Peng has left the world of tennis in an uncomfortable and uncertain position, with the impact being felt across both men’s and women’s tournaments alike.

Simon, a prominent figure in the tennis world, is calling for a “formal investigation” into allegations made by Peng, a Chinese tennis player who recently accused her former coach of sexual assault. Simon’s request to meet privately with Peng has not been fulfilled, leaving some uncertainty around the investigation. Meanwhile, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) has recently announced the return of their men’s and women’s tournaments to China, among other countries. ITF President David Haggerty emphasizes the tournament’s significance as a major pathway for up-and-coming talent and a means of providing more opportunities for players worldwide. However, Simon’s call for accountability and transparency in sexual assault investigations highlights the importance of holding all parties involved accountable in the world of global sports.

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