Badminton Star H.S. Prannoy Set to Join Tamil Nadu, Aims for Long-Term Association

H.S. Prannoy, the badminton sensation, plans a long-term association with Tamil Nadu to give back to the sport.

Indian badminton sensation H.S. Prannoy is on the verge of officially becoming a registered player of Tamil Nadu, thanks to the No Objection Certificate (NOC) received from the Kerala Badminton (Shuttle) Association. The Tamil Nadu Badminton Association (TNBA) is preparing to hold a press conference to announce this exciting development.

At 31 years old, Prannoy, a bronze medallist at the Hangzhou Asian Games, is not just looking for a short-term association but has a grander vision. He stated, “I guess for me, it’s a long-term plan I am looking at. I’m looking to be associated with the sport for a long time because I can give back to the sport in some way or another.”

Prannoy expressed his admiration for the support system provided by the State Government of Tamil Nadu and TNBA, highlighting that their unwavering support is a significant advantage for athletes aspiring to build a career in sports.

However, he clarified that his move to Tamil Nadu is not primarily aimed at participating in domestic tournaments due to his packed international schedule and the looming Paris Olympics qualification events. Instead, he is more focused on how he can contribute to nurturing the next generation of badminton talents.

“We are not looking at a domestic tournament as such. I am looking at how, as a player who has played for a decade at the top level and one who has a lot of ideas… I can try and give to the next generation,” Prannoy explained.

The World No. 8 intends to establish a robust system rather than simply opening an academy in Tamil Nadu. He believes that setting up a well-structured system is pivotal to producing more champions and Olympic medallists from the state.

Prannoy’s move to Tamil Nadu signals not only a new chapter in his illustrious career but also his commitment to nurturing the future stars of Indian badminton, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the sport’s development.

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