Pramod Bhagat Secures Historic Third Consecutive Gold at BWF Para Badminton World Championships

Pramod Bhagat secures historic victory at NSDF Royal Beach Cliff BWF Para Badminton World Championships 2024, retaining gold in SL3 category.

Pramod Bhagat, the Indian para-badminton sensation, etched his name in history books by clinching his third consecutive gold medal at the NSDF Royal Beach Cliff BWF Para Badminton World Championships 2024. Bhagat’s remarkable victory came in the SL3 category, where he defeated England’s Daniel Bethell in a thrilling final match.

The intense final between Bhagat and Bethell lasted for an astonishing 1 hour and 40 minutes, making it one of the longest finals in para-badminton history. Despite a challenging start, with Bethell clinching the first set 21-14, Bhagat showcased his resilience and tactical prowess to bounce back strongly. He secured the next two sets with scores of 21-15 and 21-14, ultimately emerging victorious and retaining his gold medal.

Bhagat’s triumph not only secured him his third consecutive gold at the BWF Para Badminton World Championships but also marked a significant milestone in his career. With this win, Bhagat equalled the legendary Lin Dan’s record of five world championships, further solidifying his status as one of the sport’s all-time greats.

Reflecting on his historic achievement, Bhagat expressed his joy and gratitude, emphasizing the special significance of this win. He credited his victory to meticulous preparation, strategic adaptation during the match, and mental fortitude in overcoming challenges. Bhagat also acknowledged the tough competition posed by Bethell and the importance of proving doubters wrong with his performance.

In addition to his gold medal in the SL3 category, Bhagat also secured two bronze medals in the Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles events, alongside his teammates Sukant Kadam and Manish Ramdass, respectively. Sukant Kadam also showcased commendable performance, clinching two bronze medals in the singles and Men’s Doubles categories.

The Indian contingent enjoyed further success at the championships, with Suhas Yathiraj securing a gold medal in the SL4 category and Krishna Nagar clinching gold in the SL6 category. Despite facing tough competition, the Indian para-badminton players showcased exceptional skill and determination, bringing home multiple medals and adding to their country’s sporting glory.

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