Dust Devil Interrupts Youth Baseball Game in Florida, Teen Umpire Rushed to the Rescue!

A teenage umpire rushes to the rescue of a 7-year-old catcher when a dust devil interrupts a youth baseball game in Jacksonville, Florida.

The dust devil, also known as a ‘whirlwind’, interrupted the youth baseball game from the Fort Caroline Athletic Association in Jacksonville, Florida. The video of the incident captured on Sunday afternoon shows the terrifying moment a 7-year-old catcher was pulled away by a powerful gust of wind onto his back.

Luckily, an alert teen umpire, standing nearby, rushes in to the rescue. He manages to catch the young catcher before he is swept away and takes him off of the field to safety.

The dust devil appears quickly and unexpectedly on a hot day with only a hint of wind prior to its arrival. It spins up and around for several seconds randomly scattering the players, and fills the air with dirt and debris.

The dust devil is a type of small whirlwind created by hot air near the ground that rises quickly through cooler air above it, creating an updraft that spins up dust and debris. They are most common in dry climates such as desert regions or Florida’s flat plains.

The dust devil was a frightening reminder of the power of nature at an otherwise peaceful weekend game. Fortunately, no injuries occurred as a result of the incident and play resumed shortly after.

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