Ronald Acuña Jr. Inches Closer to Joining Exclusive 40/40 Club as MVP Race Heats Up

Atlanta Braves outfielder Ronald Acuña Jr. is on the cusp of making baseball history, with only ten games remaining in the regular season.

Atlanta Braves outfielder Ronald Acuña Jr. is on the cusp of making baseball history. With only ten games remaining in the regular season, Acuña has a chance to join an exclusive club known as the 40/40 Club.

The 40/40 Club consists of players who have achieved the remarkable feat of hitting 40 home runs and stealing 40 bases in a single season. Currently, only four players have earned membership in this prestigious club: Jose Canseco, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, and Alfonso Soriano.

Canseco was the trailblazer, becoming the first player in MLB history to reach 40/40 in 1988, with 42 home runs and 40 stolen bases. Bonds and Rodriguez later matched this incredible feat, achieving it in 1996 and 1998, respectively. Soriano became the most recent member of the club in 2006, smacking 46 home runs and swiping 41 bases.

Now, Acuña is on the verge of adding his name to this illustrious list. As the Braves gear up for a three-game series against the Washington Nationals, Acuña stands at 39 home runs and an impressive 67 stolen bases for the season.

No player in the history of the 40/40 Club has achieved this remarkable feat with more than 46 stolen bases. Acuña’s combination of power and speed has made him a standout player in the league.

Although Acuña was unable to hit a home run in the Braves’ recent game against the Philadelphia Phillies, he did contribute two home runs in the previous match. His ability to lead off games with home runs and his knack for hitting home runs on the first pitch have been particularly noteworthy this season.

Braves fans and baseball enthusiasts are eagerly watching to see if Ronald Acuña Jr. can make history by becoming the fifth member of the exclusive 40/40 Club.

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