Danielle McGahey will become the first transgender woman to play in international cricket.

The first ever transgender cricketer, Danielle McGahey will play in the international cricket for the Canada women's team.

Australia born Danielle McGahey is all set to become the first transgender woman to feature in international cricket, the 29 year old Australian opening batter who got shifted to Canada back in 2020, underwent the MTF medical transition in 2021 and has fulfilled the ICC MTF transition rules. Danielle McGahey is selected in the Canada’s squad for the ICC Women’s T20 Americas qualifiers which is a tournament where women’s cricket team of North and South America will play to register their name in the global qualifiers for the ICC women’s T20 World Cup 2024. McGahey, as confirmed by an ICC member, has fulfilled the ICC transgender criteria to play in women’s cricket and soon she will play in international cricket. 

ICC Article 3, the term transgender (dealing with eligibility based on gender recognition) is defined as “individuals whose gender identity is different from the biological sex assigned to them at birth (whether they are pre- or post-puberty, and whether or not they have undergone any form of medical intervention)”

ICC rule

ICC rules also mentioned the required amount of testosterone that a transgender player should have to play in international cricket

“Less than 5 nmol/l (nanomole per litre) continuously for a period of at least 12 months and that she is ready, willing and able to continue to keep it below that level for so long as she continues to compete in the female category of competition”

ICC rules on Testosterone level for MTF transgender

ICC women’s T20 world cup will be played in Bangladesh in 2024 and it is the opportunity for the teams of the American continents to qualify for the global qualifiers where the selected teams would compete to get selected for the ICC women T20 World Cup. The qualifiers are set to be played in USA featuring Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the host USA. 

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