Delhi HC refuses to provide any interim relief to Gautam Gambhir in the defamation case.

Former Indian cricketer and now Lucknow Super Giant’s mentor Gautam Gambhir has recently filed a defamation case against the Hindi newspaper (Punjab Kesari), to which the Delhi High Court refused to provide any interim relief to the cricketer, noting that “a public servant need not be so sensitive”.

Gautam Gambhir is east Delhi’s MP from the BJP and filed a defamation suit against the Hindi newspaper as it continuously defamed his image by writing defamatory articles and using derogatory remarks about him. Gambhir sought Rs 2 crore from the newspaper as damages plus a written apology.

But the Delhi High Court didn’t provide the relief he was seeking by saying that the public servant should be thick-skinned and listing the suit to be heard in October. Gautam Gambhir’s advocate, Jai Anant Dehadrai, filed the suit, which pertains to several news items that have some defamatory lines, such as “Saansad Gautam Gambhir laapata, gali gali mein lage poster” and “Dilli ke laapata saansad Lucknow Super Giants ke liye bane Bhasmasur” in fact that there are seven different articles where the newspaper is using malicious words to harm Gambhir’s reputation.

Whereas the defendants advocate, Rajshekhar Rao, said that the plaintiff is so touchy about Punjab Kesari, but he is not for the other newspapers, though he admitted that some better words could be used instead of those.

The plaintiff’s advocate said that they also issued a legal notice to the organization last year in November, but they haven’t given a reply so far.

Gautam Gambhir recently had a heated altercation with Virat Kohl during an IPL match, during which both players were penalized with 100% of their match fees, and now he has again gained the media’s attention with the legal suit against the newspaper.

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