Former Pakistan cricketer and Prime Minister Imran Khan was arrested.

Former Pakistan’s Prime Minister and ex-cricketer Imran Khan, now 70, was arrested on Tuesday in the Islamabad High Court by Pakistan’s paramilitary rangers on corruption charges. The video of his arrest is going viral all over the world as it was done in a dramatic way. Pakistan’s paramilitary rangers busted Imran Khan after thrashing the windows and doors of the high court. The paramilitary troops came fully equipped and armored for any tussle and dragged him out of the courtroom, put him inside a van, and drove him away.

Imran Khan appeared in court to file his bail application on a number of cases; a total of 121 cases are running against him in Pakistan, including the cases of blasphemy and treason, but he was arrested on corruption charges, which he claimed to be politically motivated. Imran Khan, one day before his arrest, alleged that the ISI officer Faisal Naseer tried to kill him twice and accused him of the murder of a journalist earlier this year. Imran Khan told his supporters in his rally that if anything happens to him in the future, then Naseer would be responsible for it.

General elections in Pakistan are around the corner, and as the former prime minister was constantly making statements before his arrest against the ruling party and Pakistan’s military, the arrest of the former prime minister was anticipated by political analysts in Pakistan and around the world, and it happened.

After his arrest, the supporters of Khan’s party hit Pakistan’s army headquarters and burned down several military vehicles. The protesters are running havoc across the country, and the number of people joining these protests is increasing exponentially. If the situation is not controlled soon, Pakistan would lead itself to a civil war as terrorist outfits can capitalize on this situation to remove the establishment.

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