Mithali Raj: Women Players Won’t Quit Cricket Thanks to WPL – Motivation and Opportunity Prevail

Mithali Raj's vision for the Women’s Premier League (WPL) to give players a chance to "stick longer with the game" creates greater motivation and opportunities for aspiring female cricketers.

Mithali Raj is a beacon of inspiration, and her vision for the Women’s Premier League (WPL) gives that an extra boost. Her belief that this league will give people the chance to “stick longer with the game” offers greater motivation, both to those dreaming of playing for India and to younger players who may have been on the brink of dropping out of the sport. The WPL should be there not only as a platform to continue playing or get into India’s national team, but also serve as a chance to turn dreams into reality – creating glimmering possibilities that may eventually lead their paths further into one of cricket’s most coveted professions.

Mithali’s words of encouragement provide hope to women players who may feel they lack opportunity in domestic cricket. Her suggestion that they can look onward toward a brighter future with the WPL, an international franchise league, gives players assurance that their work is not done, and that there are other opportunities out there for them to keep pursuing their passion. Through this light of encouragement and empowerment, female athletes have the opportunity to take charge of their dreams and turn them into reality. With her reminder that women’s cricket offers opportunities both in India and beyond, she has sparked a new wave of motivation among aspiring female athletes.

Raj’s words offer a glimpse of hope to aspiring cricket players across the world. With the new World Premier League, domestic players have access to a platform they could only have dreamed of before. Players can now maintain their career in cricket for longer amounts of time and still stay in domestic play while they pursue greater recognition. It is inspiring to think that players’ performances in WPL could be looked at even more closely than those playing in IPL -players that are recognizably some of the world’s best cricketers! In just two or three years time, it could be possible for a domestic player to set the global stage ablaze with their playing prowess and get noticed and potentially picked on a larger scale.

It is inspiring to witness the Women’s Cricket team get the recognition they deserve, with India’s opener Smriti Mandhana receiving 3.40 crore rupees in the Mumbai auction. This goes to show that women have immense potential and have earned their position on the same platform as male counterparts when it comes to cricket. The recent auction has been a breakthrough for not just Smriti and her team but also gives hope to aspiring female cricketers that hard work will be rewarded. Women’s cricket has truly come a long way since it began, and let’s hope this is just the beginning of greater things to come!

Until very recently, the female cricketers were far behind their male counterparts in India in terms of the rewards for their efforts and the recognition received for their achievements. However, lately, organizations such as the Indian board are taking measures to ensure that female cricketers’ voices are heard loud and clear. With average pay of over Rs. 2 lakhs annually for playing just sixteen matches, women athletes in India also have a chance to make a lucrative career out of cricket with top uncapped players earning as much as Rs. 10 lakhs during the Women’s Premier League Auctions. On top of this, nine promising players from India’s victorious Under-19 team have been picked up by franchises, providing them with a platform to become household names amongst cricket fans around the world. This is indeed an encouraging development and surely serves as an inspiration to all aspiring female cricketers.

Parth Jindal, owner of Delhi Capital, faced an overwhelming challenge when the Women’s Premier League (WPL) was announced – to learn the entire syllabus in nine days time! But together with his team, he strategized and ultimately the day culminated into a monumental success as some players went for as much as three or even two crores. This could be seen as a testament of their hard work and determination to achieve big! Mr. Jindal’s inspiring story is a reminder that given focus, dedication and strong team work, anything is achievable. His positive attitude during these times of adversity should serve as an example for all aspiring entrepreneurs out there!

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