S. Sreesanth Called Gautam Gambhir “Mr. Fighter” After Their Spat At The LLC Match

S. Sreesanth spat with Gautam Gambhir at the LLC eliminator match.

Former India’s left-handed batter and now a member of parliament Gautam Gambhir has been the talk of the town again, and this time because of his spat with the former Indian team bowler S. Sreesanth, both retired cricketers were playing in an eliminator match of the Legends League Cricket, which is a tournament for the retired cricketers. Gautam Gambhir, while playing for the India Capitals, hit Sreesanth for a six, followed by a boundary on the next delivery, and that’s where things didn’t look good between them as Sreesanth started staring at the left-handed batter, to which Gambhir stared back.

From the video that went viral, it is being observed that Sreesanth started the spat, but in a recent video that was uploaded by Sreesanth on his Instagram account, he justified his actions by revealing that it was actually Gautam Gambhir who started the altercation by abusing the bowler and his family.

“Just wanted to clear the air with what happened with Mr fighter. One who always fights with all his colleagues. For no reason whatsoever. He does not even respect his own senior players, including Viru Bhai. That’s exactly what happened today. Without any provocation, he just kept on calling me something which was very rude which shouldn’t have been said by Mr Gautam Gambhir.”

Sreesanth in his video

Sreesanth further said that he will be revealing soon or later what Gautam Gambhir said to him.

“I am not at all at fault here. I just wanted to clear the air straight away. What Mr Gauti has done, sooner or later all of you will get to know. The words which he used and the things he said on a cricket field, live, is not acceptable. My family, my state, everybody has gone through so much. I fought that battle with all your support. Now people want to down me for no reason. He said things he shouldn’t have said. I will surely let you know what he said”


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