Why Should The Indian Cricket Team Look For Other Options Than KS Bharat For WicketKeeping?

Dhruv Jurel is likely to be replace KS Bharat because of his bad form in the past 12 innings of Test Matches.

Indian Cricket Test team is playing a series against England in a 5-match series in which both teams are level, but one of the biggest concerns for India is to find a good Wicketkeeper who can score runs because KS Bharat did not score a single half-century in his 12 test matches innings.

Why Not KS Bharat?

There is no doubt that KS Bharat’s wicketkeeping skills are among the best among the players who have been selected for Test-keeping in the Indian pitches, which is the hardest challenge for the wicketkeeper. However, his batting performance has been disappointing over the past 12 innings. He did not score any half-centuries, which clearly shows why Dhruv Jurel was included in the team of the ongoing series of India vs England.

KS Bharat only scored 221 runs in 12 innings with an average of 20.09, which is the worst for any keeper who played for India over the past two decades after playing 10+ innings. The only good innings he played was against England Lions, where he scored 116 runs, not out, but it was with the second team of England. He even played five matches against Australia, where he only scored 129 runs with an average of 18.42.

Who Can Replace KS Bharat In The Indian Test Squad?

The latest inclusion to replace KS Bharat in the Test squad is young talent Dhruv Jurel, who had an amazing first-class record in Ranji and other test formats but is yet to make his debut for India, which might come in the next match against England.

Jurel had a good last season with Rajasthan Royal in the IPL, scoring 152 runs in 13 matches, but the good thing was his finishing, which is why he had a 172 strike rate that gave him the role of finisher, which he did in few matches.

Akshay Vinod Wadkar is another rising wicket-keeper who is doing amazing in first-class cricket, scoring an average of 51.58. Hails from Vidarbha, the 29-year-old wicket-keeper, is also known for his great ability to do the wicketkeeping job well, but it is going to be quite hard for him even to get the call from the Indian cricket team right now.

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