Red Bull’s Elvis-Themed Race Suits and Max Verstappen’s Professionalism in the Spotlight

Red Bull's Christian Horner praises Verstappen for expressing dissatisfaction with the entertainment-focused race while highlighting the team's Elvis-themed race suits.

Red Bull’s Christian Horner has praised Max Verstappen for his candid views on the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix and his participation in the team’s Elvis-themed race suits.

Verstappen expressed his dissatisfaction with the race’s focus on the entertainment aspect, arguing that it lacked the passion and challenge of a traditional circuit.

His remarks resonated with many fans on social media, including his followers and those of Lewis Hamilton and other drivers. Verstappen was not enthusiastic about the extra activities the drivers had to do. Still, he showed professionalism by wearing Red Bull’s Elvis Presley-inspired overalls and singing ‘Viva Las Vegas’ on the in-lap. Horner said this was something that deserved respect.

“Max would’ve loved that race because that is what he is passionate about, and that is what he is here for,” Horner said.

The fact he won it in an Elvis Presley suit and was singing Viva Las Vegas on an in-lap, while you have to respect that it doesn’t suit him well, some of the glamour that goes around F1, it is refreshing that he is willing to speak and give an honest opinion.

I think he also understands that it is an essential event for F1, and I think the race and the way it delivered today is something you could see he enjoyed.

“He wasn’t judging the race. I think he feels a little uneasy with the show element, the Super Bowl effect, that has been applied here.” Horner revealed how Verstappen reacted to the Elvis suit idea: “We showed him that weeks ago. It was something he was aware of and agreed to.

“So, to have both of our Elvises on the podium was a great result.”
It was Max’s 18th win of the season, which is a record for any driver in a single season.

It was a fantastic race as it had many turn of events as Lando Norris went out of the race in the starting few laps. Max Verstappen started well from the first lap as he was able to go up against Charles Leclerc, but after some laps, Leclerc took the lead as Verstappen was given the five-second penalty.

Sergio Perez drove amazingly well after being 12 in the qualifying in Las Vegas. He came third on the podium, and Leclerc came second after being ranked first in the qualifying.

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