Mercedes Unveils Their News W15 F1 Car And Made Huge Changes To Challenge Red Bull In 2024 F1 Season

Toto Wolf, Lewis Hamilton, and George revealed that the new Mercedes F1 Car in the Car launch looked quite amazing at the event.

The F1 car launches have been one of the most interesting parts of every new season when fans look forward to the new car and the change it’s been through from last season, and this time, it is the Mercedes Car Launch event where they showed their W15 F1 Car.

Mercedes has taken the wraps off its new W15, aiming to bridge the performance gap with Red Bull in the upcoming Formula 1 season. The car boasts notable changes, including a redesigned sidepod shape, a switch to pushrod rear suspension, and a cockpit moved further back, a preference expressed by Lewis Hamilton.

Visible alterations extend to the front and rear wings, with the team targeting improved straight-line speed through DRS. Behind the scenes, Mercedes crafted a fresh monocoque and gearbox casing to support the extensive bodywork and floor modifications.

Technical Director James Allison emphasized the iterative design process, stretching back to the previous year. Notable efforts were made to enhance control over the rear axle, addressing concerns from the W14. Areas for improvement, including the DRS effect and pit stop performance, also received attention.

The cockpit’s backward shift, though slightly ahead of Red Bull, aims to enhance Hamilton’s feel for the car’s rear. The adjustment facilitates better control of airflow around the front wheels, aided by a smoother undercut and refined aerodynamics around the exposed upper side impact bar.

The pushrod rear suspension, akin to Aston Martin’s setup, creates additional aerodynamic space around the diffuser by repositioning internal suspension rockers. Team boss Toto Wolff acknowledges the challenges ahead but expresses confidence in the team’s focus and determination.

As the season unfolds, Mercedes hopes the W15 will play a pivotal role in challenging the forefront of Formula 1, recognizing the competitive landscape and the need for continuous development in this early phase of the new regulations.

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