Chelsea F.C. is ready to sell Mateo Kovacic

Will Mateo Kovacic stay in the club or will he go?

Chelsea F.C. are planning to sell Mateo Kovacic in the summer to clear some space in the club. The contract will expire in 2024, and before that, Chelsea wants to sell him.

Manchester City, Manchester United, and Bayern Munich are all interested in bringing Kovacic into their side because all three big clubs are hunting for a good midfielder. Chelsea needs to decrease their squad size because it’s getting hard for the club to keep so many players in just one team.

Chelsea F.C. have 32 players in their squad, and they are looking to sell some players to get some money, so they will buy some new players to strengthen their team for the next season. Right now, the Chelsea club is in the worst phase of the English Premier League since the year 2000. They are at the 11th place in the points table with 3 games to go, and if they win all three, they might finish at the 9-8 spot.

Kovacic will be happy to join any team because all three teams will be in the UEFA Champions League next season, and Chelsea F.C. will not be after a very long time. The last time they missed European football was in the 2016/2017 season. However, he said that he feels at home at Chelsea and might stay with the club in his interview.

“I am five years here already, time flies, and I have been at Chelsea the longest of all the clubs. I feel really, really at home. There is nothing to not love in London. My family enjoys it, which makes it easier for me. The food is okay, maybe not like Italy or Spain! But London is amazing,”

Mateo Kovacic said in the interview.

It is going to be a very hard decision for him in the summer if he wants to leave Chelsea F.C. club or stay because of his family.

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