Deco made a bold statement about Argentina winning the World Cup

Deco said in an interview that Argentina won the world cup just because of Leo Messi's presence.

Argentina won the FIFA World Cup of 2022, which was held in Qatar, and Deco gave a Bold Statement that they won the World Cup because of Messis presence in the team, which has been trending news for a long time.

The Portuguese legend Deco explained in an interview that their team didn’t have Messi’s presence which is why they failed in the FIFA World Cup.

“Argentina won the World Cup because they have Messi. For us, Portugal had the best generation of good players, but we don’t have Messi.”

Deco said in a media

Deco, who played for Barcelona in the past, was not happy with the FIFA federation. He also thought that because of Messi, many referees give penalties in favor of Argentina even when they defend slightly tough the Argentina players.

Many fans have rumors about FIFA giving Argentina free penalties because everyone wanted to see Messi win the World Cup, which is one of the biggest reasons they got so many penalties in the tournament.

Messi won everything in football, and 2022/2023 was one of the best years for him as he won World Cup became the World Cup Final Player of the Match, World Cup Golden Ball winner, and The Best Fifa Men’s Player 2022, 2023 Laures World Sportsman of the Year, Ligue 1 Winner and amazing and recently moved to Inter Miami.

Moving to MLS is still one of the shocking transfers because he had an offer from Barcelona and Al-Hilal, who were offering him a lot of money.

Lionel Messi’s father, Jorge Messi, also confirmed that Lionel opted for Inter Miami because he didn’t want pressure as he wanted to live with his family and didn’t wanna deal with the chaotic situations which were happened with him in Paris.

Deco also praised Cristiano Ronaldo on his skill and hard work in training, which is known by the world as his discipline level is above any athlete. However, He failed to have any impact in the World Cup as he scored only 1 goal and has also been benched in knockout matches.

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