Euro 2024: Full Tournament Schedule, Teams, Groups, Dates and Timing of the Fixtures

Read about Euro 2024 Schedule, Timing, Teams, Fixtures and Venues on which the team going to play from July 15, 2024 on

The Euro 2024 will be underway from June 15, 2024, when the host country, Germany, takes on Scotland in the tournament’s opening match at 12:30 AM IST (9 PM CET). It is going to be one amazing tournament, and even in this one, France will be the favorite to win the title, but will the host Germany or the Golden Generation England team win the title?

It will be the 17th edition of the Euro Nations football competition, and Germany will host the tournament for the first time since 1990. Ten venues will host all the matches, nine of which were used in the 2006 FIFA World Cup when Germany hosted the biggest tournament.

Venues of Euro 2024

  1. Berlin: Olympiastadion Berlin (capacity: 71,000)
  2. Cologne: Cologne Stadium (capacity: 43,000)
  3. Dortmund: BVB Stadion Dortmund (capacity: 62,000)
  4. Dusseldorf: Dusseldorf Arena (capacity: 47,000)
  5. Frankfurt: Frankfurt Arena (capacity: 47,000)
  6. Gelsenkirchen: Arena AufSchalke (capacity: 50,000)
  7. Hamburg: Volksparkstadion Hamburg (capacity: 49,000)
  8. Leipzig: Leipzig Stadium (capacity: 40,000)
  9. Munich: Munich Football Arena (capacity: 66,000)
  10. Stuttgart: Stuttgart Arena (capacity: 51,000)

Euro 2024 Groups and Teams

Group AGermanyScotlandHungarySwitzerland
Group BSpainCroatiaItalyAlbania
Group CSloveniaDenmarkSerbiaEngland
Group DPolandFranceAustriaNetherlands
Group EUkraineBelgiumSlovakiaRomania
Group FPortugalTurkeyGeorgiaCzech Republic

Fixtures, Timing, Date, and Venue of Euro 2024

DateMatch NumberFixtureKick-off Time (IST)Venue
June 15Match 1Germany vs Scotland12:30 amMunich
June 15Match 2Hungary vs Switzerland6:30 pmCologne
June 15Match 3Spain vs Croatia9:30 PMBerlin
June 16Match 4Italy vs Albania12:30 AMDortmund
June 16Match 5Poland vs Netherlands6:30 PMHamburg
June 16Match 6Slovenia vs Denmark9:30 PMStuttgart
June 17Match 7Serbia vs England12:30 AMGelsenkirchen
June 17Match 8Romania vs Ukraine6:30 PMMunich
June 17Match 9Belgium vs Slovakia9:30 PMFrankfurt
June 18Match 10Austria vs France12:30 AMDusseldorf
June 18Match 11Turkiye vs Georgia9:30 PMDortmund
June 19Match 12Portugal vs Czechia12:30 AMLeipzig
June 19Match 13Croatia vs Albania6:30 PMHamburg
June 19Match 14Germany vs Hungary9:30 PMStuttgart
June 20Match 15Scotland vs Switzerland12:30 AMCologne
June 20Match 16Slovenia vs Serbia6:30 PMMunich
June 20Match 17Denmark vs England9:30 PMFrankfurt
June 21Match 18Spain vs Italy12:30 AMGelsenkirchen
June 21Match 19Slovakia vs Ukraine6:30 PMDusseldorf
June 21Match 20Poland vs Austria9:30 PMBerlin
June 22Match 21Netherlands vs France12:30 AMLeipzig
June 22Match 22Georgia vs Czechia6:30 PMHamburg
June 22Match 23Turkiye vs Portugal9:30 PMDortmund
June 23Match 24Belgium vs Romania12:30 AMCologne
June 24Match 25Switzerland vs Germany12:30 AMFrankfurt
June 24Match 26Scotland vs Hungary12:30 AMStuttgart
June 25Match 27Albania vs Spain12:30 AMDusseldorf
June 25Match 28Croatia vs Italy12:30 AMLeipzig
June 25Match 29France vs Poland9:30 PMDortmund
June 25Match 30Netherlands vs Austria9:30 PMBerlin
June 26Match 31Denmark vs Serbia12:30 AMMunich
June 26Match 32England vs Slovenia12:30 AMCologne
June 26Match 33Slovakia vs Romania9:30 PMFrankfurt
June 26Match 34Ukraine vs Belgium9:30 PMStuttgart
June 27Match 35Georgia vs Portugal12:30 AMGelsenkirchen
June 27Match 36Czechia vs Turkiye12:30 AMHamburg
June 29Match 37 (Round of 16)2A vs 2B9:30 PMBerlin
June 30Match 38 (Round of 16)1A vs 2C12:30 AMDortmund
June 30Match 39 (Round of 16)1C vs 3D/E/F9:30 PMGelsenkirchen
June 1Match 40 (Round of 16)1B vs 3A/D/E/F12:30 AMCologne
July 1Match 41 (Round of 16)2D vs 2E9:30 PMDusseldorf
July 2Match 42 (Round of 16)1F vs 3A/B/C12:30 AMFrankfurt
July 2Match 43 (Round of 16)1E vs 3A/B/C/D9:30 PMMunich
July 3Match 44 (Round of 16)1D vs 2F12:30 AMLeipzig
July 5Match 45 (Quarterfinal)Winner of Match 40 vs Winner of Match 389:30 PMDusseldorf
July 6Match 46 (Quarterfinal)Winner of Match 41 vs Winner of Match 4212:30 AMHamburg
July 6Match 47 (Quarterfinal)Winner of Match 39 vs Winner of Match 379:30 PMStuttgart
July 7Match 48 (Quarterfinal)Winner of Match 43 vs Winner of Match 4412:30 AMBerlin
July 10Match 49 (Semifinal)Winner of Match 45 vs Winner of Match 46 (Semifinals)12:30 AMMunich
July 11Match 50 (Semifinal)Winner of Match 47 vs Winner of Match 4812:30 AMDortmund
July 15Match 51 (Final)Winner of Match 49 vs Winner of Match 5012:30 AMBerlin


Q. When Will The Euro 2024 Will Start?

A. Euro 2024 Will Start on June 15 at 12:30 AM.

Q. Who Will Play The First Match Of Euro 2024?

A. Germany and Scotland will play the first Euro 2024 match.

Q. Who Scored The Highest Goals In Euro Tournament?

A. Cristiano Ronaldo scored the highest goals of all time (45 goals in total, including the Euro Qualification).

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